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Number Grid Coursework.

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Number Grid Investigation Essay - Number Grid Investigation My coursework task is to investigate why, in a number grid square of , when a section of two by two squares is extracted and the two opposite squares are multiplied and then subtracted the result is always

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Number Grid Maths Coursework Introduction In this investigation I will look at different number grids and different sized rectangles within these grids and try to explain the patterns and give algebraic equations for the results that are found during this investigation. Maths - number grid The 4x4 squares will be randomly selected from my new 12x12 number grid. 4 4x37 - 1x40 - 40 Difference = 59x92 - 56x95 - Difference = As can be seen I am getting a defined difference of when using 4x4 squares randomly selected from the 12x12 grid.

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Help! Can anyone point me in the direction of a site/or give help on the number grid coursework. Thanks. Maths Number Grid Coursework Help – Maths Number Grid Coursework Help – Ce sujet a 0 réponse, 1 participant et a été mis à jour par osfefeterte, il y a 1 semaine et 3 jours.