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Curators achieve this by exploring different museum classifications such as: When curators introduce anything into an exhibition or a museum, it is instantly given a sense of elevated importance, as Horne says in Museums were established for the recognition and preservation of historical artefacts. This ignorance of acknowledging female artists was very common among galleries in the 19th century, and even today.

In , the feminist activist group, Guerilla Girls, set out to highlight the injustice shown to female artists. The National Gallery of London, which contains more than 2, works, revealed to have only 11 artists as women. It is this sexist and racial discrimination that many artworks are undermined for its value. We look at historical artefacts as works that were deemed worthy of collecting, but if the opinions were biased, we would not be able to know about other important values for women in past eras.

Through this, many historical features of past societies is lost because it was not collected and preserved. Though this means use of violence in measures that are equal to their male counterparts, women are noted for standing up for their rights.

Other TV programs highlighted to have played a crucial role in portrayal of this ideology include Dark Angel and Dr. Quinn the Medicine Woman where the women are portrayed to use crude techniques to fight for the rights of others as well as the rights of the people they love.

Also, postmodern films are seen to play the crucial role of recognizing roles women played in historical events. Before postmodern feminism, TV programs and films lacked enough information highlighting the role of women towards the liberation of past societies.

For example, Inglorious Barsters , a program by Quentin Tarantino portrays role women played towards the liberalization of German Occupied France as well as their role in shifting the war to the side of the Allies.

Though the context is fictional, it is important to note it is a reflection of the role women played in the historical events that changed the world. This has proven critical as well in asserting the position of the woman in society as well as how they have contributed towards development of diverse world issues. The role of women in the past was ignored in TV programs and films.

This aspect plays a crucial role towards making sure women receive recognition for the roles they took up in the past despite the fact that society looked down on them and often ignored their roles. Films and TV also plays a crucial function towards ensuring celebrated works of women before postmodern era are accredited as highly praised works that could as well have been recognized during their times. Numerous adaptations have also taken place of novels and plays into TV programs and films using the work of well known works of women.

For example, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen has already been adapted as an award winning film in postmodern era. This is regardless of the fact her work was first published in and it received critical positive acclaim, formerly, the work was not recognized in the TV and film industry till the year when a movie based on the film got released.

There are also other works that plat a crucial role to highlight that since time immemorial, women have been as creative as their male counterparts. For instance Jane Austen, can fall in the same ranking as William Shakespeare. However, discrepancies have been noted in their recognition till the postmodern feminist begun airing their feeling that men and women artists are supposed to be treated in a similar manner.

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