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❶He answered all the questions I had and was very professional. Rebecca loves helping writers to fully realize their ideas and give them an effective form.

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Send us a sample of your book. Our caffeine-fueled, eagle-eyed editors will go through it and then email you with their comments and suggestions. You can ask them any questions you want. They will look for…. Please leave this field empty.

We want to help you make sure readers love it. Send us a sample today and see what we can do for you. How much does book editing cost, and are you getting ripped off? How to self-edit your book free video course.

Recently I went to a writing conference and realized something surprising. Most authors spend years writing their book. Editing is the most crucial part in turning out any written work. Experienced writers opine that editing may even All of them say the same thing and I made a short video course talking about book editing, self-editing, choosing an editor and the editing process.

Literary Services Contact Scam alert! The edit I received from greatly improved the story as well as allowed me to improve as a writer. I am very happy with my book edit from The Book Butchers and I would do it again. I am so impressed with the service I have received that I am firing my husband as my proof reader as of tonight. Mike The process was extremely transparent and I had a lot of dialogue with my editor throughout. We discussed points of difference and tried to find workable solutions to some unique problems.

Amy Orr I immediately noticed upgrades to certain passages that had hung me up. There are quite a few spots that I had rewritten over and over again but felt they were just not quite right and you seemed to find them all and make them flow perfectly in no time! I am very excited with the new work that you have placed before me. Again, excellent work and thanks. Looking forward to continuing to work with you!

Scott Adams Your work is fantastic. You have absolutely nailed the edit. My goodness, you have serious talent. Thank you for your work, your skill, your help, your time, your contribution and energy.

Book editing often encompasses basic copy editing spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc. As each author is unique, it is vitally important to first determine what your individual needs are through a professional editing sample and editorial critique. This will include specific recommendations regarding which editing level fits your project. As an author, you are often just too close to your work to clearly see what needs to be done to take your book from good to great.

Get a Free Sample. Hire your professional book editor today! We transform writers into authors! Book editing is YOUR secret weapon to success. Manuscript editing services Professional book editors read and examine your every single word. Professional book editing services WILL perfect your writing Book editing often encompasses basic copy editing spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc.

Get personal and professional service from our book editors As an author, you are often just too close to your work to clearly see what needs to be done to take your book from good to great. Personal communication was excellent. The cost was also reasonable. The editing was very good and added to the quality of manuscript.

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A free edit from Tethered by Letters may include developmental editing, line editing, copyediting, and/or proofreading. Free Sample Edits Although there aren’t many organizations I’ve found that offer % free book edits like Tethered by Letters, all professional editors will offer authors a free sample edit.

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BookBaby Editing Services is for authors who need premium book editing for an affordable price. We’ve negotiated special rates with an exclusive network of editors from around the globe. These editors work with traditionally published authors in every genre, including many on the New York Times bestsellers list.

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Developmental Editing. Developmental editing peels back the layers of your story to understand what makes it tick. Fiction authors can expect feedback, insight, and advice on: storytelling, structure, plot, characterization, dialogue, viewpoint and narration, hooks, tone, pacing and progression, setting, voice, and writing mechanics. USA Today bestselling author, book editor and copyeditor, Cara Lockwood, can help you work toward your goal of becoming a bestselling author. As a professional book editor, she offers novel editing, which includes copyproofing, copyediting and developmental book editing services.

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Our affordable book editing services are available 24/7 and provide developmental, line, and copy editing customized to your needs. Get a Free Editing Sample of Your Book Hire your professional book editor . Speaking of book editing services, let’s talk about some of the best Editors out there! I’m a BIG fan of them because they have made the process easy for me to find the best book editors, book cover designers, and even writers to help me with my projects. Talk about awesome! or find new ones out there and test them with our free.