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Coursework writing has never been so easy

Tips and Advices on How to Write a Winning Coursework
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The only way to answer your "question" right now is to hold your hand through the whole thing, which is effectively the same as doing it for you. Edited 7 Years Ago by Narue: A histogram is a graph of frequency. You add a star for each grade within the range on that row.

Hi, my tutor has set a coursework for us and i need help with a small part of the coursework. A small program where some one tests new programmes or you can call it benchmarking: Basically there are 20 programmes and he sets them each of them mark out of The program should also display a histogram and each star represents a mark. Any small help with coding and the layout will be greatly appreciated: Thanks for the reply mate anything helps.

Starting uni is full of surprises: Start new discussion Reply. Follow 1 Which provision of which Act currently outlaws discrimination by dismissing someone and which provision of the same Act outlaws discrimination by subjecting an employee to detriment?

Notoriety Follow 32 followers 20 badges Send a private message to Notoriety. Follow 2 Discrimination is the language of the Equality Act See how it defines discrimination in sections Dismissal is section 39 2 c.

Indirectly, the Employment Act provides that dismissing someone for being pregnant automatically is unfair by virtue of s99 and s or their political affiliation by virtue of 4 potentially is unfair. Pregnancy is a specified protected characteristic under the Equality Act s4 s18 is also relevant.

Political affiliation is not, but most people would consider dismissal for political affiliation as discrimination.

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Hey, I am training to be a dental nurse have been for a couple months now and I am really great at the practical stuff. but i need someone to help me with the.

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Jun 12,  · You are Here: Home > Forums > Help > Help > help. Coursework help watch. Announcements. Start new discussion Reply eleanorkateb_ Need help ASAP for Textiles coursework? Various studies over the years have shown that a systematically attempted coursework has a positive influence on one’s grades. Our experienced and qualified writers specialize in extending professional help on coursework related to any academic level, be it a high school, undergraduate, post graduate, PhD, or any other field of study.